WeWoThom Premium - Pain Relief - Replacement Electrodes

WeWoThom Premium - Pain Relief - Replacement Electrodes

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These adhesive electrodes are ideal for use with WeWoThom Premium. They are the result of intensive development and have been tested as a medical product. They are subject to strict quality controls. We recommend that you do not use any other electrodes for your WeWoThom Premium.

The simple plug-in contacts enable a quick change, for example if the WeWoThom Premium is used by several people.

These adhesive electrodes meet all the requirements of the WeWoThom Premium, in particular for the unhindered and unlimited penetration of electromagnetic waves and generation of a sufficient number of action potentials, which is unique for high-frequency therapy. With their conductive and adhesive properties, the electrodes guarantee the domino effect. Regardless of the energy used, all accessible stones fall over with the domino effect, without the need for more initial energy as the number increases.

The electrodes are easy to use and can be applied to any desired location on the skin.

These electrodes are supplied in pairs and, if used as intended (see WeWoThom Premium instructions for use), will remain in good condition for a long time.